Unmatched Perks of Party Buses No Other Transportation Means Offers

When planning a party, did it ever occur to you to host one in a party bus? If not, this blog will surely change your mind. in this piece, we shall look at the many benefits Party Bus Rental offers which no other mean of transportation can live up to. Interested to find out? Continue reading.


Host Different kinds of Parties;

If you have a particular theme in mind or a party that s unlike any other, Party Buses For Rent can accommodate it all. Did you know many Party Buses Rentals allow BYO alcohol, entertainment and food too? This means you can host a number of different parties such as bachelor party, a bachelorette or even a post-prom party.


Get Special Entry in the Best Clubs in Towns

Don’t like standing in a long line when headed to the hottest clubs in DC? Did you know many Party Bus Near Me provide VIP entry, eliminating the need to stand in long queues to get into your favorite clubs? If you didn’t, now you do.


Allows Multiple Pickups and Drop Offs

Another unparalleled perk that only party buses offer is the door-to-door service. The door-to-door services cuts down stage of time and energy as invitees can be picked up from designated pickup stops and dropped off on the same once done partying. But this usually involves paying an extra amount so ensure to discuss the Cheap Party Buses before renting.


On board Entertainment

Party Buses come equipped with all the entertainment gear you can think about.  This includes plasma TVs, on-board sound system and a fully-equipped bar on the move.


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3 Reason Why Partying On the Beach is Better Than Partying in a Night club

Partying in the nightclub is getting boring by the day. There is hardly anything appealing about sweating and dancing in cramped out spaces. It makes for much poorer choice when throwing a personal bachelorette party for a friend or an invite only event. A nightclub was for older generations, as the newer ones rejoice in the freedom of partying on the beaches. Fortunately, for the residents of DC, they have plenty of beaches nearby. All they need to do is hop into Cheap Party Buses in DC and not only party on the beach, but get a head start in their Party Bus Rental in DC. Sounds fun right? If you need to convince some more people, allow us to give you some ammo:



What use is good weather when you are stuck in the claustrophobic confines of a nightclub? The weather is meant for enjoying. If it’s hot outside, the water will be like a great respite, and if it is cold outside, well, then it will make for something challenging and risky. A little cold water has never hurt anyone. All you need to do is pack all the gear in your DC Party Bus Service as the weather demands and set off for a party trip worth remembering. You can even throw in a little bonfire or a barbeque since you can use all the free space in your Party Bus DC Rental to carry the paraphernalia required.



A great view can uplift even the grumpiest of souls. Partying in one may actually feel like a scene out of movie. Imagine yourself relaxing with s’mores in your hand, enjoying the sunset with your squad right beside with you. Could it get any better? Highly doubtful!


Water Sports:

It’s not every day that you get a chance to play water sports in a party. You have Party Buses DC to carry your sports gear and you have a vast expanse of the beach to play your game. It is a lot more adventurous than a game of beer pong.


Throwing a party on a beach is actually a lot cheaper too. All you need is a beach, Party Bus Near Me, and your partiers with you.