The Many Parties You Can Host in a Party Limo/Bus

Charter buses and limos are one of the best ways to get in and out of town. But more fun are their sibling party limos and party buses! They are great to host a number of different events and parties and that too on the go. Becoming a popular trend, many soon-to-be brides are booking party buses and limos to host their Bachelorette Limo Party. But why limit it to that alone when you can host many other events with a group of close friends and family members too. Think about it, not only will it be an out of the norm experience for everyone. You won’t even have to worry about the driving.


An unofficial Bachelorette Party

Why have one when you can have more? The whole concept of a Washington DC Bachelorette Party is to enjoy to the fullest with the people close to you. It is saying farewell to your single life and prepping yourself for the married one. This transition alone calls for some celebration. Go paint the town red by hosting a Bachelor Party Bus Rentals as it is much better than the one planned by your family.


Crazy night outs

Each one of us goes through that phase where we just feel like breaking away from everything and being on our own or with a bunch of close friends for some time –even if it means for a single night. If it is the bride who is going through such a phase, hosting a crazy Bachelorette Party Transportation instead of a boring brunch can surely make her feel a lot better.



Who says party buses or limos are reserved only for a Bachelorette Party Buses? You can also book one to celebrate events like anniversary. No better way to celebrate the good times and some private moments of love with your beloved.



How Are Wedding Etiquette Changing In 2017

We are already nearing the first quarter of 2017 and we are delighted to share that we are finally bidding goodbye to some old wedding traditions which made no sense. Etiquettes that seemed more like a burden and less a chore are finally going to breathe their last breath in 2017. We are talking about wedding etiquettes such as the bride’s family renting a Party Bus Rental Washington DC to take guests to the church, only a three-course menu, RSVP-ing via snail mail etc. What more traditions are we leaving behind us? Stay with us to find out.


Old Rule: Don’t Steal the Bride’s Thunder by Wearing Black


New Rule: Black is no Longer Considered a Taboo


As long as everyone doesn’t feel like you have just returned straight from a funeral or want to cast unhappiness on the couple, wearing black is no more unacceptable. Ensure that you top it off with the right jewelry and a pair of killer high heels to clear anyone who might be in doubt.


Old Rule: You have to Have a Wedding Registry with Conventional Items


New Rule: To Make one or not to Make one, it’s Really up to you!


No longer do couples have to sign up for a wedding registry with items like tea cup sets soup bowl set, vacuum cleaners or dishwashers. Couples aren’t completely ditching the concept; they are, however, revising the list of items completely. Instead of asking for a vase, they are requesting guests to pitch in some money so that they can go on a trip to Europe for their honeymoon or asking guests to book them nice countryside Bed and breakfast etc.


Old Rule: Bride’s parents will arrange for the wedding transportation


New Rule: The Couple Can Put it up in their Wedding Registry


There was a time when it was the bride’s parent’s duty to lo book limos or the Best DC Party Bus for the guests, but not anymore. Couples understand how stressful the task can be. Therefore, they are opting for smarter alternatives by putting the pressure on someone else’s shoulders. By adding it in their wedding registry, anyone who wishes to, can contact one of the many DC Party Bus Service and rent the DC Party Bus Rental.


Why Limos Add an Edge to Your Professional Life

If you are one those corporate execs who are always on-the-go, then it must be hectic to always drive to and from the airport because of business trips. Well you can get rid of that if you just hire a good Airport Limo Service or as they call it Corporate Car Services.

Here are just some of the reasons why you need to get an airport limo service of your own.


Always on Time

Now you don’t have to drive to the airport in the busy traffic when you can have your personal chauffeur at your doorstep providing you a classy Airport Town Car Service that the corporate executives on Wall Street get. You don’t have to drive in stress to the airport or worry about being late.


Caters to Multiple People

If you are a group of executives travelling to or from the airport, what better way to travel then to hire one of the Airport Transfers instead of taking individual or shared cabs? You can have a mini business meeting inside the limo or just relax after a long and tiring business trip or conference you attended.



Corporate Transportation Services are quite affordable and come in reasonable prices. A lot of people have this notion that limousines are expensive so an Airport Transportation Service will be really pricey as well. But that is not the case and once you get an experience of it, you wouldn’t want it any other way for your next business trip or seminar/conference for you and your colleagues to ride in.


Travel Like a Wall Street Wolf

Travelling in a limo itself represents class and luxury. You would want to travel like one of those top corporate executives (that you are already) to the airport, save your time by reviewing your business documents in the Corporate Limousine Services or simply take a power nap on your way to the airport or the conference.

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a DC Limo Rental for Your Big Day

So wedding bells are about to ring for you and you haven’t decided on how you are going to make your entrance to the wedding. Well fret no more as you can make a grand entrance at your wedding venue by hiring limos in DC. There are many great Limo Services in Washington DC that you can try such as Wine Tours Limo Service.  Here are the 4 reasons why you should get a Limo Service in Washington DC.


Travel in Style

Ride through the busy streets of the nation’s capital to the wedding venue in a limo service. You will get luxury and comfort in one car. You will feel like a celebrity or royalty riding through DC. Anyone who is getting married wants to feel special on their big day so why you should be any different?


Reasonable Price

People often have this misconception about DC Limos. You might often hear “Isn’t a limo service expensive?” Contrary to the popular belief, many Limo Service DC are quite affordable (especially in the DC area) and come in various packages that you can choose from so that they match your budget. Check out a great limo service such as Limo Service in Washington DC to get some affordable rates in Washington DC Limousine.


Arrive on time

You don’t have to worry about calling a cab for your family or driving a car with so much stress about not being late in the busy traffic of Washington DC when you can hire a limo service. It will always arrive on time at your home or hotel and will take you to the venue while you sit back and relax inside.



Limos are driven safely in DC so you don’t have to worry about going to your wedding. They are convenient and your Limo service driver will pick you up on time..

Vineyard Weddings In Virginia, DC: A Once In A Lifetime Affair

Many say Wine Tours DC are the best, but what if we were to tell you there is more to Vineyards in DC than just wine tastings? Ever thought of getting married in a vineyard? Imagine how utterly romantic and magical will the pictures be? Becoming a popular trend now, many couples are heading to vineyards in Virginia not just to taste the best local wine, but to tie the knot.


The earthy and rustic décor is unrivaled with any church decoration and you know it! If you had a change of heart just by thinking of it, here are some key points to remember before you cancel your church reservations and plan wedding festivities along with Wine Tours in DC.


Pick the Right Date

Not just the date but also the right season. If you hope to make it more beautiful than it already is going to be, pick a date in Late August as that is when the first winds of autumn hits Virginia and turns everything rustic orange aka more magical.



When booking party buses for the most epic “Winery Tours Near DC” themed wedding, make sure to get the decorations on point. Yes, we mean, mason jars, twine-wrapped candles, flowers, wooden tables and chairs, vineyard lanterns and wine barrels etc. to fabricate the venue.


Host with the Best of Local Food

Local food is now becoming a popular wedding tend, more and more people are opting for wholesome and organic food for guests with special needs. Follow the same and hire a local caterer who can suggest the different menu items that will go perfectly with the wine you plan to serve as the main drink.


Drinking Options should be Myriad!

Since the wedding is themed Virginia Wine Tours from DC, not having enough drinking options will only ruin everyone’s anticipation. Wine does not have to be the only option because the wedding is happening in a vineyard. You can also have a number of cocktails and mojitos so that everyone finds something of their choice.

Cheap Party Buses in DC for Valentine’s Day? They’re Around

This year for Valentine’s Day, you want to do something a little bit different. In the past, maybe you just went to dinner and a movie. That seemed fine, but you know you want to do something extra special this year. As such, you may be considering Party Bus Rentals DC.


What Happens when you look for Cheap Party Buses in DC?

Yes, party buses can be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially if you want to do something a little different.


In other words, when you want to celebrate this year’s holidays with friends, you want to keep them all together. There’s no better way to do that when you’re heading to various destinations than in a party bus.


A Best DC Party Bus should be luxurious. However, when you begin focusing on the word ‘cheap,’ you may run into problems. There are far too many small, newer transportation companies out there that don’t have a lot of vehicles in their fleet. A true, genuine party bus is not cheap. So, some of these smaller, newer companies take old school buses and convert them into what they call party buses, but that’s not a real party bus.

You deserve the right experience.


When you’re looking into a Party Bus Rental in DC for Valentine’s Day, prom, a wedding or bachelor and bachelorette party, or some other special occasion this year, always keep in mind that you should only get the right experience. If you’re going to pay good money for a party bus, even if you get one that is less expensive than some other companies, just make sure you are getting a genuine party bus.


It should feel like you’re in your own private nightclub, being treated like a VIP. That’s exactly how you want your significant other to feel on Valentine’s Day, right? If so, then this could be a great way to help you have the best Valentine’s Day yet.

DC Wine Tours Are Amazing, Especially for Valentine’s Day

There are many benefits to going on a DC Wine Tour are exceptional, even if you’re not a huge aficionado of wines. What makes them so great? It has to do with the overall experience.


When you go on a Wine Tour in DC or elsewhere, you probably don’t do it by yourself. You probably do it with your girlfriend, husband, wife, boyfriend, or even a best friend. You go from one winery to the next, sampling different flavors, enjoying the atmosphere, checking out the gift shops, and much more.


There are plenty of great DC Wine Tours Package, and if you’re looking for something exceptional to do this year for Valentine’s Day, this would be a great start.


Transportation Should be Considered:

If you’re going on any type of Virginia Wine Tours from DC or the surrounding area, remember you are going to be sampling some alcohol. The more you sample, the more dangerous it becomes for you to get behind the wheel and head to the next Winery Tours Near DC.


If you truly want to be able to relax, unwind, and enjoy this holiday with your partner, then consider renting a limousine. If you’re traveling with a larger group of friends or family members, you might want to consider a charter bus or even a party bus for that day or the entire weekend, if you’re going to be heading out for an extended winery tour.


When you’re looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day that are a bit outside the box, a Winery Tour in DC is certainly going to foot the bill. When you consider renting a luxurious limousine to take you and that special someone in your life on this tour, you’re going to look like a hero.This Valentine’s Day is certain to become one that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your life.

Bachelorette Parties: To Be or not to Be?

Many modern grooms will allow their brides to hold their bachelorette parties since this is the progressive age and all but are not okay with them deep down. Look up the term on the internet and you would not be okay with the idea either. DC Bachelorette Party conjure up thoughts of unrestrained debauchery that are then forever hushed up between the girls. One last time, most people say. Only problem is that most girls end up doing things they have never done before, and probably would not be okay with otherwise but are the ‘norm.’ So one last time, really?


Bachelor Party Bus Rentals are the equivalent of the male Bachelorette Limo Party. But historically, the roots of bachelorette parties are quite different. In the olden ages, weddings were not what we know them to be today. In most cases, there was no dating or courtship, or choosing one’s groom for that matter. Marriages were arranged and hence the brides-to-be liked to go out and have fun with their before entering the dreary institution. So is there still need for the parties today?


Before one gets into an agreement to get married, they have a life as a single person. They have friends and hobbies that marriage will probably not allow them to enjoy. Not because they are wrong, but because marriage has different demands. It then seems right that they would want to spend time in that company for one last time.


Marriage is a whole new stage in life for everyone. No one knows what it holds, but they go into it anyway. Also, every girl who has lived to find a good man to marry them can say they have led a good life. This is reason enough for them to want to celebrate with the people they have had that life around and reminisce on all the things they did.


I am therefore not really against the idea of Bachelorette Party Transportation. It is the misconception about them today that troubles me. This might a conservative point of view but really, the party only exists because there is a Wedding Transportation Services coming up soon. So is it wise for ladies to act the most single they ever have on the eve of the transition? Wait, are even single at all once you are engaged?

Planning a Bachelorette Party DC

Some people will argue that a DC Bachelorette Party is supposed to be spontaneous, that too much planning ruins the fun of the night. That’s not my intention but really, a little planning does not hurt. Assume, for instance, that you want to surprise the bride in a random city; you just can’t jump into that without a plan, no? So let’s split it into just five simple steps which ensure that you don’t lose direction.


First off, pick a theme for the party. Having a theme for the party is one way to make sure that the party progresses effortlessly. Once you have a theme, and one line of thinking, it is easier to generate ideas. Remember that the party is about the bride and whatever the theme, it should be to cater to her taste. This will be influential even in deciding the best place to hold the Washington DC Bachelorette Party.


Next up, pick a location for the  party. Maybe a precise spot is a little too restrictive if you are the club-hopping type of crowd. Or not. Because the night is supposed to be outrageous fun for one last time. So what I mean is, pick a city, and perhaps your accommodation for advance booking. After that, let the Bachelorette Party Ideas Washington DC take on a life of its own. Maybe a city that the bride has fond childhood or teenage memories of, or has always wanted to visit. Or Vegas.


Come up with a list of things to do. This does not comprise all the things you do, in keeping with the spirit of spontaneity. This list makes sure that there is a clear idea of where to start. It also makes sure that the guests do not feel lost in any activity since they are prepared for it.


Invite the guests now. If you ask me, a party is no Bachelorette Limo Party without the people. So once you have the plan, draw up a list of people that the bride must have at the party. Solicit for ideas from her discreetly, if you have to, but make sure she likes the people at her Bachelorette Party Transportation. The last and most important thing, have fun. It is pointless to do all that planning, only to end up with a disappointing party. So yes, this is the most important part of the plan.

Things to Bring on a Wine Tour in DC

You can never be too prepared for anything. If you are palne a Winery Tours Near DC soon for the first time and do not know exactly how you are supposed to prepare, you are at the right place. Highlighted here is a list of the things that you are supposed to bring with you on the material day.


First off, you need a designated driver to take you on the Virginia Wine Tours from DC. No matter what your planned limits for tasting wine are, such tours are quite unpredictable. What is statistically predictable is the probability that you will taste more wine than you plan to. It happens all the time. Under such conditions then, you are not fit to drive. Additionally, you do not want to spend the whole time at the winery refraining yourself so that you do not taste more than you should. So bring a driver along and if everyone wants in on the fun, hire a car and let everyone have fun.


Take an empty box of wine or a wine carrier to the trip with you. This can easily be acquired from your regular wine store or the shipping store. On a Wine Tour DC, you end up buying many more bottles of wine than you expect. And there is nothing wrong with that, you will need souvenirs of the visit anyway. You do not want bottles of wine breaking in the car mid-journey.


Bring along enough money to spend on the DC Wine Tours Package. I am not talking about the price of going on the tour, but additional money that you can afford to spend. Most wineries allow guests only complimentary wine tastes or offer the cheap wines depending on the package you purchase. However, they allow tasting of different ranges of wine either at an additional cost or upon the purchase of wine bottles at the winery. We said that is inevitable up there, yeah?


There you have it, it is not a list of everything you will need at the Wine Tours in Washington DC but it will make yours a complete experience if you have nothing additional you would like to take with you. However, do not be afraid to bring anything else that you think you will need.