The 3 Chores You Can’t Leave For the Last Minute

Being a bride, there are a thousand things you and your family has to take note of. From sending out invitations to everyone to booking a Bus Rental Service or bus charter for all the guests who are visiting town from outside, there are many things that go further down on an already pending list. Many of these can be put off till the very last minute, but if you have any one of these three things mentioned in the list below, chances are you might have a mini-heart attack on the way to your wedding in one of the School Bus Rentals you booked as your ride to head to the venue.


What things are we talking about? Read one to find out:



Proper flower arrangement is what turns an average looking hall into a beautiful venue. A hall will look bland or unbalanced if the flower arrangement hasn’t been done right. Therefore, take time out to talk to your floweriest of what you want and how you want it to look.



Believe it or not, most people come to the wedding expecting great food. Mess that up and you will have a crowd of people in a foul mood talking about how bad, tasteless or poorly chosen the menu was. Taste every dish yourself and see what goes well together you. Remember, the packages offered to you by many caterers are not your only choice to choose from. You can always go with a more customized menu if people in your family have special needs.



Another important aspect of a wedding is booking the ride. Not just for yourself, but also for all the guests who are taking out the time to come and attend your special event. The least you can do is to arrange for proper transportation in the form of a Charter Buses for Rent so that they all can come join you in your Holy Matrimony on time and with comfort.



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